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 August 7, according to US media reports, local time on the 6th morning, a Washington DC subway derailment, caused several subway stations closed, the number of lines outage ghd 1 flat iron.

 According to reports, the Metro staff said that the day when a subway onto the ground from the subway station, suddenly opened a car on the tracks, causing subway derailment accident occurred ghd 1 flat iron ceramic hair straightener. Fortunately, at that time and no passengers on the subway, subway drivers are not injured ghd 1 flat iron.

 However, because the subway was slightly damaged, it needs to start repairs ghd 1 flat iron. The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation ghd hair.

 Reported that the accident resulted in several metro stations closed, the number of lines temporary outage ghd 1 flat iron ghdhair.

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 September 27, according to foreign media reported on the 26th, the United Nations General Assembly Bolivian President Evo Morales, held in New York, “shelling” America, and called for action against the Obama administration ghd professional styler.

 Morales, 26, said that we should seriously ponder, and jointly establish a “people’s courts (Tribunal of the People)” and international agencies, the Obama administration sued to defend human rights cheap ghd.

 Reported that Morales was in early September, he said Bolivia will provide the international tribunal to prosecute the US human rights abuses ghd professional styler. Previously, perhaps the speech is only his personal slogan, but now Morales at the UN General Assembly issued a statement again, this is an important criticism ghd professional styler.

 Morales said in an interview at the 26th, the United States does not like the implementation of its national airspace restrictions or limits visa issue, which act as “air pirates ghd professional styler ghd professional styler ghd flat iron best price straightners.”

 April 2, according to local media reports in Chile, by the earthquake and tsunami occurred Beijing on April 2, the Chilean city of Iquique an airport traffic control tower damaged In addition, a restaurant in the city after the earthquake a fire, firefighters have now arrived at the scene the fire.

 Chilean port city of Arica city mayors on local television said that the city has injuries, there were no deaths have been reported The city has houses damaged, at present, evacuation continues.

 According to the US Geological Survey Web site news, Beijing time at 7:46:45 on on April 2, the waters near the northwestern Chile 8 ghd irons.0 earthquake epicenter in the northern Chilean city of Iquique 99 kilometers northwest direction

 Located in the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii raised a tsunami warning level in some countries ghdhair ceramic Warning Center for Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama issued a tsunami warning, issued a tsunami warning for the country of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras ghdhair

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 August 20, according to foreign media reports, the Israeli military said three rockets from the Gaza Strip 19 Sunset in southern Israel, broke designed to allow negotiators to reach a truce in the area of long-term ceasefire arrangements tourmaline hair straighteners. After Israel suspended negotiations with the Palestinian factions in Cairo ghd machine.

 According to reports, the IDF said the rockets landed near the southern Israeli town of Beersheba in the open area tourmaline hair straighteners tourmaline hair straighteners. There is no damage was reported.

 A few minutes later, the Israeli army said military targets in the Gaza Strip carried out in retaliation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Israeli delegation recalled from Cairo tourmaline hair straighteners.

 Israel and Hamas after a month-long war, Egypt has been trying to bring about agreement between the parties ghd reviews. Caused by the war in Gaza nearly 2,000 people were killed and thousands injured tourmaline hair straighteners ghd uk.

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 November 20, according to US media reported on the 19th, a return to New York from West Africa, is still in the Ebola monitoring period 40 year-old woman in Brooklyn, a hair salon sudden death hair straighteners reviews. But the New York City Health Department officials said, her death has nothing to do with the Ebola virus hair straighteners reviews.

 US media reported that the preliminary judgment that the woman’s cause of death was a heart attack. It is reported that the woman returned from Guinea died 18 days ago, it is in the Ebola virus monitoring period hair straighteners reviews.

 However, health officials said the woman did not have any Ebola symptoms, medical officer after testing also showed that women were excluded from the “high risk hair straighteners reviews chi hair straighteners.”

 In October, New York City, announced the return of hundreds of passengers from West Africa is watch list, the virus incubation period of 21 days to keep monitoring these people. Earlier this month, New York’s first case of Ebola patients, doctors Spencer, then 11, recovered and discharged hair straighteners reviews ghd uk ionic hair straightener.

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 According to the United States, local media reported on the 18th, who directed “2016: Obama’s America” one of the Indian-American director Di Nishi de Souza plans to launch a follow-up work called “America” in the middle of next year, continue to attack has been re-elected US President Barack Obama ghd curler.

 As last summer’s box office dark horse, “2016: Obama’s America” sought through interviews, image data and scenario reproducing means reveal this topic: Obama in his father influence from Africa, with a strong “anti-colonial” tendency, hope undermine US influence ghd curler ghd curler. Movie hit “Love him or hate him, in short, you do not know him,” the slogan, calling everyone was still imagine the Obama campaign as a successful re-election, in 2016 the United States would look like cheap hair straightener.

 In the “sequel” “United States”, the Souza will continue its efforts to demonstrate the Obama re-election after what changes will bring the United States ghd curler ghd australia. At the same time as a conservative writer and political critic Souza that Obama sees the US as a “burden ghd classic styler ceramic hair straightener.”

 According to reports, Souza writing scripts for film and served as commentary. In “2016: Obama’s America” Souza worked with a famous Hollywood producer Gerald Molen and John Sullivan, the director will be re-shot. Same with Souza, Fernando also be regarded as the mouthpiece of the conservative American politics ghd curler.

 September 17, according to foreign media reports, the latest poll results show that the two American political novice – billionaire Trump and former neurosurgeon Carson is considered the most likely candidate for the Republican presidential nomination

 16 local time the evening of 16 Republican candidates will hold a new round of debate, joint poll results CBS and The New York Times had published shows that Trump’s support rate of 27 percent, followed by Carson , support was 23% More than a dozen other Republican candidates support rate of 10% or less, many of whom are current or former governor and senator www ghd professional

 Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s support rate ranked third, only 6% more than he was in early August poll 13% support rate reduced by more than half www www flat iron

 Trump and Carson have not held public office, but the two anti-Washington rhetoric and conservative stance on abortion and gay rights and other social issues to win the support of Republicans good hair day straightener.

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 July 25, according to the Russian satellite network reported on the 25th, the US Assistant Secretary Daniel Glaser of the Treasury for terrorist financing, said the extremist organization “Islamic State” Monthly mined only by trafficking in smuggled to militants occupied the oil can get $ 40 million ghd iv.

 According to reports, Glaser said, killed in eastern Syria responsible for the oil and gas “business” of the organization Abu Sayyaf leader in an operation performed in May, this action has become to understand the real “treasure trove” “Islamic State” financing information, financial Assistant Minister at the Security Forum in Aspen City (Colorado), held that “the Islamic State” ordinary militants monthly payment $ 1,000 per person ghd iv.

 Glaser said that in June 2014 after the occupation of Iraq city of Mosul, “the Islamic State” in the hands have from 500 million to 1 billion US dollars in cash ghd iv. Earlier news that the amount of bank assets looted by armed elements to reach about $ 430 million ghd iv.

 It reported that the terrorist organization “Islamic State” is one of the main threats to the world’s security ghd iv. Within three years of successful occupation of Iraq and Syria, most of the territory terrorists ghd hair straightener. In addition, they also try to expand themselves in North Africa, especially in Libya’s influence hair straightners good hair straighteners.

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 Argentine media reported on the 29th, until Christmas this year, 301 people died nationwide in Argentina due to “hooligan” fight or caused by criminal cases. This figure to create new history.

 Reported that this year, together with the impact of the worst “hooligans” violent incidents in late November. November 29, in a regional league game, Argentina Retiro league team to 3 to 1 victory over Chacarita Juniors team cheap ghd straighteners. After the match, the alliance captain Fu Langge tiro Nieto ready to drive away from the game when the team was beaten three opponents fanatical supporters and hit with stones head, causing Nieto to 4 days in the hospital died straightener ghd. This is also the year the Argentine players were “hooligans” together attack the most serious cases, lead to strongly condemn the local media and the public.

 It reported that in recent years, Argentina “hooligans” during a tournament game and off the violence and restraint, mainly because the Argentine government and the police signed an agreement with the club, asked the club to be responsible for possible riots, and want to happen The violence liable and impose fines and other sanctions, the club has also offered to his “fans” compliance “discipline straightener ghd ghd classic styler ceramic hair straightener.” Meanwhile, police stepped up during the match venues and within the security perimeter control, and prohibit the sale and carrying of alcoholic beverages in the stadium ghd australia. This is to some extent effective in preventing the “hooligans” brawl while watching the game.

 Report stressed that the most worrying is the violence “football hooligan” is no longer confined to the court room, but the extent of the development is slowly regardless of the occasion and place, at any possible outbreak straightener ghd. During the Christmas just past, Argentina’s “football hooligan” nor rest straightener ghd. On the 25th day, it occurred in the city near the Afghanistan capital Lanus opposing factions “hooligans” exchange of fire, resulting in one dead and many injured straightener ghd. The local police dispatched a large number of police officers arrested dozens of participants in the conflict.

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 November 18, according to US media reports, the Argentine police raided 17 Central Bank of Argentina good hair day straightener. Argentine federal government is investigating the central bank aggressively traded derivatives, so that the country’s dwindling foreign exchange reserves facing charges of risk, the search is part of the investigation good hair day straightener good hair day straightener.

 The sudden raid Background: Argentina 22 presidential election will be held, in addition, there is a growing fear that the government will soon come to power in Argentina peso devaluation, and adjust foreign exchange policy in order to prevent the dollar shortage stifle economic development ghd professional flat iron.

 Polls show the party from the ruling Front for Victory coalition Daniel Scioli behind opposition candidate Mauricio Macri hair straighteners reviews.

 Argentina’s central bank dollar scarcity and of Macri about adjusting the policy proposals of the foreign exchange system became the focus of criticism campaign good hair day straightener. Argentine central bank is trying to ease the foreign exchange market before the election tensions, in response to the pressure of foreign exchange, the bank limits the way individuals and businesses to obtain dollars and sold derivatives good hair day straightener best ceramic hair straightener.